Julep March Unboxing

So remember in January when I said I was going to skip my next few Julep  boxes…ya that didn’t last long. Haha. I mean I know I don’t need any nail polish like ever, but the colors were so pretty and spring like I couldn’t resist getting all of the polishes this time.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Trudy – botanical teal crème

Sage – green tea chrome. All the chromes are absolutely gorgeous. 

Kenna – Dove grey crème

Abby – Honey amond sheet crème

Yiyi – Pink freesia holographic jelly

Charlene – hint of lavender chrome 

Skylar – Harbor blue chrome. I loved this so much I had to use it right away. 🙂

Cecile – Caribbean breeze holographic jelly

Yen – Concord grape créme

Pearl Gem Decals 

Such pretty colors this month and the chromes are to die for.  Now I really am going to skip a few month..probably. 🙂

Author: had4567


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