Popsugar Must Have March Unboxing

Popsugar is one of my favorite boxes as they always have a mix of useful and fun items. I have cancelled this box several times but I always resubscribe!  Even if I don’t love everything in these boxes I can easily give away or sell what I don’t want as its usually good stuff!  This month is a nice box but I have found I don’t have a use for most of it. I might just have too much stuff 😦  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch. Value $55. This is a pretty nice watch and it’s a nice cream color band. I don’t wear a watch though so will sell it. 

Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty, Minimal Makeup. Value $24. I’ve never really been a fan of pixi makeup. I do love their glow tonic though but that’s skincare. I’ll probably sell this.  

Miss Ivy Pearl Five-Tassel Necklacd. Value $38. Ok I’m gonna be real here, and I’m sure this means I’m totally out of fashion, but I think this is the ugliest necklace ever. Seriously!  But no disrespect to anyone that loves it!  I threw it up on eBay to see if anyone wants it but there seems to be a surplus out there

Govino Go-Anywhere Carafe and Water Glass Set. Value $14.95. So this box looks like it got punctured on something. It actually went all the way through the outer box into here but luckily this is plastic so it didn’t damage it. I’m really not sure what I’ll do with this though as I keep a water bottle with me most of the time. 

Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. Value $4.49. Meh. I mean it’s toothpaste I’ll use it but it’s not that exciting. 

Goodie Girl Cookies Toffee Chaos. Value $4.99. I think I’m most excited for these. I love toffee and these look delicious. 

We also got an extra gift card for another sub box for tampons. I probably won’t use that.  All totaled I get a value of $141.43 for this box and I paid a little over $43 with shipping.  It’s a good value but this box was just not for me. Hopefully next month will be better. 

Author: had4567


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