Love With Food March Tasting Unboxing

First off I’m very far behind on unboxings and I’m crazy busy at work with tax season in full swing so these unboxings the next month are gonna be short and sweet.  🙂 Love with Food is one of my favorite snack boxes. I don’t love everything I get but the portions are small so I don’t feel too bad if I take one bite and hate it. I also like the fact that it’s pretty healthy but not so much that all the snacks aren’t still fun to eat. 

If you are not familiar with Love with Food  it is a monthly box that helps you discover new organic or all natural snacks.  They have revamped since I last subscribed and now there are several boxes to chose from. I chose the Tasting box which starts at $7.99 for 8+ snacks for an annual sub (it’s a little more for shorter subs). There is also a deluxe box starting at $16.50 for 16-20 snacks and a gluten-free box starting at $19.99 for 8-12 snacks. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. The one fantastic thing about them is they donate a meal to hungry children in America for each box sold (some boxes they donate 2)!

Let’s see what I got!

First Look 

Product Card

Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks

Bacon’s Heir Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Clouds. I’m kinda scared of these. Lol

Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Bites

Stonefire Flatbreads Original Naan Crisps. 

Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee with Almonds

Natures Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar. 
This went to my mom. I don’t like fig. 

Olympos Pitted Greek Olive Mix. My Dad got these. 

Salty Road Peppermint Salt Waterr Taffy. 

I’m quite happy with this box and I will eat most of the items in it. Actually I already have since this post is so late 🙂

Author: had4567

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