Barkbox March Unboxing

Barkbox this month has a theme of Sherlock Holmes. Lucy stays with my parents a lot during tax season so she didn’t see this until weekend. It has a couple fun toys!

If you aren’t familiar with Barkbox it is a monthly box of toys, treats, chews and other fun products for dogs. The boxes range in price of $29 to $19 depending on the length of the sub. If you subscribe monthly the box may only be worth a little more than you pay so the longer subs are definitely the better deal. You can select your dogs size and I get the small and cute box for my girl Lucy.  I have been a subscriber for quite a while and I love the healthy treats and fun and unique toys we get!  Let’s see what we got!

First Look

I’d Rather Be with My Dog Beef Bacon & Egg Treats. Value $8. 

My Doggy Soft Baked Mini Cookies. Peanut Butter. Value $8. These are a great size and Lucy loves peanut butter. 

Bark & Co The Old Timer Pocketwatch. Value $10. 

Bark & Co. Scottie Dog. Value $13. I love this one!

Barkworthies Gullet Jerky. Value $2. This is too big for Lucy so we will give it away. 

I calculate a value of $32 and paid $24 for this box. I love the toys and the peanut butter treats in here and the rest we will give away!

Author: had4567

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