30 Days of Candy Box #4

30 Days of Candy fourth box features candy from behind the Iron Curtain  I get the 15 day version and everything in this box was new to me which is tons of fun!  My mom and I tried a bunch of this candy one afternoon and eventhough we didn’t like a good chunk of it, it was still tons of fun. 

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Days of Candy  it is a monthly sub box of 15 or 30  individually curated bags of candy. Each bag is around 100 calories so it’s nicely portion controlled. You can also buy a one time gift box if you wish. The boxes are themed but you always start a new subscription with Box 1 which is Around the World in 30 (or 15) Sweets. The 15 day option is $19.95 and the 30 day option is $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping for either option. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Kommunarka Mint Bon Bon.  I liked these very minty. 

ABK Burunduchok.  This is dark chocolates and peanut butter praline. I prefer milk chocolate but my mom liked this one. 

Spartak Duchess Pear. The name of this brand means Spartacus. I got several of these but I ate most of them before I took a picture. I loved the pear taste of these!

Kommunarka Little Red Riding Hood. These tasted weird I can’t really describe them but they were weird. 

Laima Serenade. These have apricot jelly & nuts which sounded gross to me so I gave this to my mom. 

Red October Black Currant. I like currants and these were pretty good. 

Rosen Red Poppy – chocolates. 

Rosen Lobster Tails. This was a pink and white hard candy. I did not care for this at all. 

Potpoht Batonchiki – this is a chocolate cream and was not bad. 

Akkond Luna Park Toffee – I really liked these. They are a soft toffee and they are tasty. 

Akkonds Bird’s Milk. I didn’t eat this yet but it is chocolate with meringue soufflé filling. 

Potpoht Snow.  I tried these and they were weird. 

Red October Citrus Fantasy. I liked these. These are hard candy and tasted like orange. Yum. 

PotPoht Eshkina Korovka. These are a creamy fudge and were tasty. 

Solidarity Confections. These are a golden marzipan. I thought these were yucky. 

Konti Snow.  These are a white candy with creamy caramel center. Pretty good. 

This was an interesting box with lots of different candies. I’m glad I got to try them. 

Author: had4567


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