Mask Genie April Unpouching

Mask Genie is one of my favorite monthly packages as it brings me a lot of fun masks.

If you are not familiar with Mask Genie it is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  In it you will get some masks from some popular brands you may recognize and also some unique brands which are fun to try.  In some cases I’ve found some favorite brands through this pouch. Each pouch contains 8-10 masks and costs $23.99. The curation of this pouch and exposure to new and unique brands is really what makes this pouch stand out.  Let’s see what I got this time!

First Look

Facezine Bubble Girl Mask Sheet Chocolate. Korea. I am not a big fan of chocolate smelling skincare but this looks fun so I think I will try it. This bubbles up and smells like real chocolate. I bet it doesn’t taste like it though!

Beyond Brightening Rice Bran Mask. Korea. I always think it’s weird when Korean drama actors or actresses are on sheet masks!  I like to use rice as an ingredient in skincare so I am excited to try this. 

Simply Nano Gold Brightening Face Mask. Taiwan. I’ve received this brand before and it’s pretty good. I love the packaging of this mask the gold is so pretty!!

de herbs Hyaluronic Acid Moisturize Neck Mask.  France. What a mask from France? That is a first for Mask Genie but I for one am happy to try it!

Combos Skin Corn Fiber Mask Moisturizing Kiwi. Korea. Unfortunately this has olive oil in it so I can’t use it due to my allergy. I’ll give this away or sell it 

Skin79 Watermelon Girl.  Korea. Now this mask is super fun it’s like the animal print masks but watermelon. I cant wait to try it. 

Urban Lab Angry Skin Soothing Mask. Korea. This is a new brand to me but I typically love soothing skin masks. Ill definitely give this a try. 

SNP Prestige Mayu Ampoule Mask. Korea. I have used mayu before and I didn’t see a huge difference in my skin. I know that this is a popular ingredient in Korea but I’m not super thrilled with using horse oil so I will give this away. 

Flora Mask Goddess of Flower Mask. Peony. Korea. Such a pretty package. I am such a sucker for packaging I almost don’t even care what’s in this. I like peony though so I’m happy about the ingredients too. 

People that subscribed before a certain date got bonus foot detox patches. 

Another great pouch from Mask Geni!

Author: had4567

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