Barkbox May Unboxing

Barkbox this month has a county fair theme.  Lucy and I loved the toys this time! 

If you aren’t familiar with Barkbox it is a monthly box of toys, treats, chews and other fun products for dogs. The boxes range in price of $29 to $19 depending on the length of the sub. If you subscribe monthly the box may only be worth a little more than you pay so the longer subs are definitely the better deal. You can select your dogs size and I get the small and cute box for my girl Lucy.  I have been a subscriber for quite a while and I love the healthy treats and fun and unique toys we get!  Let’s see what we got!

First Look

Happy Howies Beef Jerky Stick. Value $4. 

Vetscience Little Piggies Bacon Apple. Value $6.   Lucy loves bacon and these look pretty good. I wonder if they are actually piggie shaped?!?

Bark & Co. By Loopies Making Loopie Pie. Value $12. Ok this is adorable. It looks just like a little pie!  It also has several separate berry toys inside so it’s several toys in one. Love this!

Bark & Co. Slobbery Sunflowers.  Value $12. Lucy grabbed one of these sunflowers to play with right away and it was a lot of fun.  I think they are super cute and I like that this is another toy with multiple parts as it will last a long time. 

Big Creek Foods Tempt’n Tender Chicken & Sweet Potato. Value $10. I think these treats are a little big for Lucy so we will probably give this away.  

I calculate a value of $44 for this box and I paid $16.58. This was a great box with lots of toys!

Author: had4567

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