30 Days of Candy Box #5

30 Days of Candy fifth box features candies that are the curator’s favorites.  I get the 15 day version and some of these candies I were familiar with and some were completely new to me. I’ve had the box for a while so I’ve tried quite a few of these. 

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Days of Candy  it is a monthly sub box of 15 or 30  individually curated bags of candy. Each bag is around 100 calories so it’s nicely portion controlled. You can also buy a one time gift box if you wish. The boxes are themed but you always start a new subscription with Box 1 which is Around the World in 30 (or 15) Sweets. The 15 day option is $19.95 and the 30 day option is $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping for either option. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Lonka Licorice Mint Caramels. These candies are from Holland and supposedly taste like black licorice and peppermint. I don’t like black licorice so I probably will give this away. 

Annabelle’s Big Hunk. I haven’t tried this yet either but they sound good. Chocolate, peanut butter and nougat. Yum. 

Boyer Mallo Cup. I’m not a fan of marshmallow cups like this but I know my Dad is so I will give this to him. 

Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll. Payday bars are one of my favorite candy bars and this tastes similar. It was a bit more nutty which was good!

Torie & Howard Hard Candy in Pomegranate & Nectarine. These were delicious. A little tart and sweet just like I like. I ate these all right away!

Red Band Pecto. This is a licorice & eucalyptus cough drop from Holland. This tasted like a cough drop so kinds disappointing as a candy!

Ambrosoli Zotz. These take me back as I used to eat these as a kid. I love the sodium bicarbonate fizzy center.  Yummy.  I think I need some more of these. 

Chipurnio Confectionary Puntini Trutti. These are weird. Had a little bit of fruity flavor like a jujube but are extremely sticky. Like pull your teeth out sticky. 

Wallnetos Chocolettes. The card says these are like stronger tootsie rolls. I like tootsies so I’m curious to try these too!

The Madelaine Chocolate Company. These were a nice creamy milk chocolate. I like the little earth packaging too. 

Palmers Candies Twin Bing Cherry. I don’t like cherry mash candy like this so to the giveaway pile!

Primrose Candy Com. Ginger Cuts. I do like ginger candy and these were pretty good. They were a tad spicy which I expected. These are really good if you have an upset tummy too. 

Columbina Fruticas. These were good. They had a very strong fruit taste which I loved!

Taffy Town Saltwater Taffy. I’m always happy to have saltwater taffy. It’s one of my favorite candies since I was a kid.  

Nordic Sweets Mintees. Chocolate mints. 

Smarties Candy Necklace. I used to love these candy necklaces and bracelets.  Unfortunately I ate this all in one setting and got a tummy ache. Apparently I still haven’t learned control. 

Tootsie Dubble Bubble. Yummy and sweet. Another fav from my childhood. 

This was a great box and definitely had some of my favorite candies.  The next box I get will be a fruit flavored candy box and I can’t wait!

Author: had4567


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