May Paper Pumpkin Review

I have not done a review post of Paper Pumpkin in quite a while. Although I’ve continued to subscribe I haven’t had time to do the kit in a while. Since Sunday is Father’s Day I was in need of a card and this month’s box has the perfect one! 

If you aren’t familiar with Paper Pumpkin it is a monthly surprise kit with a paper project. It comes with everything you need to complete the project except for some basics like scissor, ruler and perhaps adhesive. It costs $19.95 (includes shipping) plus tax for the kits. It is a monthly subscription but you can skip a month or cancel at any time right through the website – major plus for me!  Also as a subscriber you can purchase refills or select prior kits. 

First Look

Supplies!  The kit comes with everything you need!

Instructions – this month’s card is pretty easy.  It also has a lot of stamp options so this will be useful for a lot of events. 

This first step is where I would recommend deviating from the directions. It tells you to put down the sticker first. I would stamp first as once you put that sticker down you can’t adjust it. You can place the sticker into the cutout part but you can’t stamp there. 

See I’m not happy with this stamp placement. 😦

This is what I decided to put inside. There was a lot of options and I liked that!!

This goes inside behind the front part of the cutout. 

Ok I won’t lie at this point things went arry when I tried to attach the orange paper.  Tip: if you think oh these glue dots aren’t enough let me use my snail to stick this to it.  Don’t!  It won’t stick. And it will tear and you will be cranky and forced to throw the first attempt away. :). Anyhow, luckily I got lots of supplies and this is my finished redone project.  I like it!

Author: had4567

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