This Week in Masks – 6/19

Here are the masks I used this week.

Naruko Peptide Purity Kitty Eye Lifting Eye Mask. This mask goes all the way around your eyes and hooks over your ears. It was a bit difficult to get in place and it required quite a bit of stretching. It’s a paper mask and it was soaked in essence. It really helped to sooth my eye area and I found it cooling on a hot summer day. I have two boxes of these so I have plenty to use!

Lovemore Mountain Tea Mask. These silk masks are my fav but I have not tried this type before. It was very nice just like the others. It has a bit of an odd scent but it calmed my skin and added a lot of moisture. My skin visibly looked clearer after I used it. 

Naruko Snail Essence Mask. I love these masks as they are so full of snaily goodness. Seriously it’s covered in snail essence and is quite sticky. But my face eats it up and my face just feels amazing after I use this!  Luckily I just bought a bunch of these from the Naruko US Shop so I won’t run out any time soon. 

That’s it for this week!  What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

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