30 Days of Candy Box #6

30 Days of Candy fifth box features fruity candies, yum!  And the most exciting thing ever happened to me. They sent me the 30 day box instead of the 15 box!?  What a happy mistake, for me anyhow! 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Days of Candy  it is a monthly sub box of 15 or 30  individually curated bags of candy. Each bag is around 100 calories so it’s nicely portion controlled. You can also buy a one time gift box if you wish. The boxes are themed but you always start a new subscription with Box 1 which is Around the World in 30 (or 15) Sweets. The 15 day option is $19.95 and the 30 day option is $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping for either option. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

PotPoht Cranberry I don’t know that I have ever had cranberry candy but these are pretty tasty. A bit tart but that is ok with me. 

Columbina Filled Strawberry. I love these. Strawberry candy is my favorite and I love the soft strawberry center. 

Wonder Foods Malaysian Chews these were pretty good. I liked the mango and strawberry but have learned I really don’t care for guava. 

Torie & Howard Organic Candies I’ve tried these candies before and they are yummy. 

Jolly Rancher Watermelon. Yum I loved these as a kid and they are still delicious. 

Meiji Hello Panda Strawberry. These little strawberry filled cookies are yummy. I guess these panda shapes are actually playing sports but I ate them so fast I didn’t notice. Lol. 

Yum Junkie Blueberry. These are surprisingly amazingly good. I ate them all already. 

Sweets Huckleberry Taffy. Huckleberry is a berry of the Pacific Northwest. I used to live and visit Oregon so I’m familiar with it and I like them. It’s quite similar to a blueberry but I like huckleberry better. 

Walkers Nonsuch Banana I don’t like banana candy so I will probably give these to my Dad. 

Atkinson Lemon Slices. I haven’t tried these yet but they are chewy lemon candy!

Chun Guang Green Coconut. These were interesting. I didn’t hate them but didn’t love them either. 

The Hong Yuan Candy Co Guava. These are the candy they made me realize I don’t like guava. I don’t like it at all. 

Napoleon Candy Co Tropical Fruits. These were pretty good. I feel like they could be sweeter but still good. 

Mangini Citrus. I haven’t tried these yet but I like citrus candy so it should be good!

Fralinger’s Original Peach Taffy. These are delicious.  They have a very strong peach taste which I love. 

Pizazz Grapefruit Juicy Jellies. I’m not sure about these as I’m not a huge jellies fan. I will either try these or give them away. 

Kasugai Peach Gummies. 

Dulces Beny Mango Chile. I am kinda worried about trying these as the last chili candy I tried was too hot. Maybe if I am brave I will try them. 

Torie & Howard Blood Orange. I’ve had this brand of soft candy before and they are quite good.  I’ve never tried this flavor but they look good. 

Lonka Strawberry Licorice. I don’t like black licorice so I don’t think I will try these. 

Go Organic Organic Cherry Ooooh I have tried these candies before and they are my favorite!  The apple ones are really good too. 

Lodidarnosc Stawberries & Cream.

Original James Deluxe Confections Coconut Taffy. Eh I’m not sure about these. I like taffy but I’m not sure about coconut flavor. 

Taveners Chocolate Lime. 

Bassetts Sherbet Lemons
Golden Bon Bon Cranberry Nougat

Atkinsons Fruitie Tooties. These were good I loved these and ate them all up!

Chipurnoin Confectionary Glitterati. These are teeny little candies which means you can eat more!

Grapeheads – yum!

I have really enjoyed getting this candy box over the last 6 months. I’m going to take a break now since its summer and the candy will get melty but I will probably start back when it gets cooler. 

Author: had4567


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