LOVEISDERMA Product Review

The following items were received free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I was very lucky to recently be offered the chance to review some LOVEISDERMA products. LOVEISDERMA is a Taiwanese brand that is totally new to me so I was thrilled to try it out. 
I received these products from a site I’ve purchased from several times before BeautibiBeautibi is an Asian beauty company based in the U.S. They have curated beauty boxes but also an online store where you can buy some of your favorite products. My experience with two orders has been very fast shipping and great personalized service (they even include a little note). 

Right now Beautibi only has the sheet masks on the site but I believe other products will be added soon!  Let’s get right to the reviews. 

First look

LOVEISDERMA Deep Hydrating Bio Cellulose Mask.  I love masks made out of bio cellulose material (Leader’s is probably the most notable brand in the U.S. that makes bio cellulose masks). I like them because they have a very tight fit to the face once you get them in place.  

This mask came in the most gigantic package ever!  Seriously I was like how big is this mask?  Luckily it was just normal face sized. This contains aloe, cucumber and some other nice hydrating ingredients.

This is a 3 layer mask but you only use the inside layer in your face. It was quite slippery and hard to get in place but once on it stuck well. I left it on for the recommended 30 minutes and when I removed it my face was noticeably softer. The next day my face was still really soft. I am definitely a fan. The one downside of these masks are the price.  These are listed for $9 each or $24 for a box of 3. That’s a lot but I think this is worth it when you really want to pamper your skin. There are also whitening and repair masks available. 

I don’t like to cover my eyes but you could!

LOVEISDERMA UV Clear SPF 50. I’ve been using this for about a week and I’m impressed. I spot tested this for a couple days because it contains olive leaf extract. I’m allergic to olive oil so I was concerned I could be allergic to this too. Luckily I had no reaction so it must just be the olive fat I can’t use!  

This does have a light scent but it doesn’t have a strong suntan lotion smell. The scent did not bother me at all. The weight is nice and light and it did not clog my pores or feel heavy. It works really well as an every day face sunscreen for me.  

LOVEISDERMA B5 Hydraboost Gelly Mask. This mask is a clear product and has a very jelly consistency.  I tried this in the evening and left on for 30 minutes. You have to put a quite thick layer on your face but it sticks well. I honestly didn’t really see any effects from this mask on my face. It didn’t cause any irritation. It did take quite a while to get it rinsed off which wasn’t too surprising since it was on in a very thick layer. I think I may have seen more results in the winter when my skin is more dry so I may wait to try it again then. 

I’m really excited about the LOVEISDERMA brand and I’m glad Beautibi has decided to stock it!  I’m definitely gonna try some more of those masks!

Author: had4567

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