Golden Tote August Unboxing

I haven’t ordered a Golden Tote since March!  Honestly summer clothes are little hard for me to buy since I work in an air conditioned office all year round.  But now Fall is coming and there were two items from this month’s tote I had to have!  Sadly on tote day I missed out on the items I wanted. They restocked and I missed again! 😦 I posted my sadness on the GoldenTote trading Facebook page and guess what happened?!?  One of the owners of the company responded that they were adding more and I got them!  I love the special attention and contact with the owners we get for this company!  And of course the cute clothes. 

If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it. You also get free shipping with a $149 order.  I always leave a note when I order my tote that says that I like layering pieces. You don’t always get what you request but they usually try to accommodate where possible. Let’s see what I got!

First Look – styled by JK!

Celebrity Pink Moto Skinnies & Emory Park Simply Stripped Top. These were my two chosen items I had to have. I love the Moto jeans. They are super comfy and I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear these. I have already worn the top and it’s super cute. Love these and fit is perfect. 

Skies are Blue Time & Lace Tank. This was an add on item. It was from last month’s tote but it will work really well for work. It’s got really cute lace detail on the back and shoulders. 

Fun 2 Fun Floral Fluttersleeve Top. I love the print, color and style of this surprise top. Perfect for me!

Flying Tomato Printed Cardi. At first j didn’t think I would like this print. When I put it on I was surprised to see I really like it!  I can always use cardis so big win for me.   It’s also a kimono style which I really like. 

Skies Are Blue Dress. This is a cute dress but it’s a little too tight especially in the arms. I will probably sell this. 

I’m so happy with this tote!  I love almost everything in it!!

Author: had4567

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