Pupbox 3 month Unboxing

I recently adopted a new puppy Annie and of course puppies need a ton of toys!  I was familiar with some sub boxes for dogs but didn’t know any specifically for puppies. After asking on Instagram I learned about Pupbox and quickly signed Annie up!

Pupbox is a monthly subscription box that sends treats, toys, accessories and chess customized to your puppies age and size. They also provide great training tips. Each box includes 5-7 products.  

Cost: $39-$29 per month depending on length of plan you purchase

First Look – 3 months small dog

Training Cards

Annie is nearly 3 months old and 3.6lbs in this pic. She is a dachshund mix I rescued from a shelter!

Natural Dog 5′ Curly Burly. This is a great little treat for my pup and kept her busy for awhile. 

Charming Pet Pulleez. I love this monkey and Annie definitely likes bigger toys. We decided to put this away for a day mom might need me occupied for a while!  

Kong Puppy Small. This is perfect!   I got Annie one Kong and was about to get her another as we are teething and need a lot of chew toys. I love the pink color of this and it’s the perfect size. Annie loves me to fill this with her kibble so she can get it out. 

Grizzly Smoked Salmon Treats. I like that these are a crunchy treat as salmon treats can be quite smelly. These are the perfect size for Annie too!

Zippy Paws Treat Bag.  This is great to take with us. I have never had a treat bag so this is nicer than the ziploc bag I usually use. 

Natural Nutrition Sweet Potato Fries. Another great treat that should be nice for Annie as she is teething. 

Annie and I loved this box!  I didn’t do a cost breakdown but it is definitely worth the $30 I paid for it. Can’t wait for next month!

Author: had4567


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