Althea Box #02 Cute Box Unboxing

Althea is a Korean beauty site that I recently discovered.  I fell in love with Korean beauty with the original Memebox when they shipped internationally from Korea. When they stopped shipping internationally I really missed those boxes and the available ones just didn’t compare. So I was really excited to hear Althea opened up shipping of their boxes globally. I grabbed two boxes and here is my unboxing of the first one 

One difference in Althea boxes is that you know what is in the boxes before you buy. I’m Ok with that so I can pick boxes that will work for me.  This cute box was right up my alley with several things I really wanted. Let’s see what I got. 

First Look

Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher in Rose Coral. Value $10. Tony Moly has the cutest packaging products I’ve ever seen so I’m not surprised to see this in the cute box. I’ve seen the Pokémon collection and this was actually on my wishlist. I love Pikachu and this blusher is adorable.  I mean do you see how the puff is a Pokeball?!?!  So cute. I’m not sure if I will use this or just squeal at how cute it is but I’m really glad to have it 

A;T FOX Gyulpi Sebum Control Pact. Value $20. I had a hard time finding this item for sale so I’m guessing at the value.  This is a brand that I haven’t seen since my old Memebox days but as I recall I really liked it. I can always use powders like that as my combo skin is super oily in the hot and humid KS summers.  This case is very cute and I love the little fox in the powder too!

The Face Shop Watery Tint – Red. Value $7. I don’t really like lip tints but this one is pretty cute with the Minnie Mouse ears and polka dots.  

Tony Moly Apple Hand Cream. Value $7. I’ve received this hand cream before and love the little apple container it comes in. As I recall the scent is a little too strong for my liking (I hate most scented things so no surprise there) so I may give this one away. 

With Shyan Nail Prep Set. Value $7

I received With Shyan products before in Memebox and I like them. I have a lot of nail polish and can always use base and top coat like this. These are super small bottles and I love how they come in a little set. 

ABBAMART Heart Puffs. Value $8

Aww these are cute makeup puffs. I’ll definitely use these!

Pure Smile Rainbow Lip Patch. Value $1

I really like Pure Smile brand which is more of a drugstore brand but still very good quality. I’ve used lip patches like this before (though never a rainbow one!) and they do moisturize the lips. I don’t find any long term benefits of them but they are fun to use!

Trying it out!

Pure Smile Sweet Lemon Hand Gel. Value $1. I can never get too much antibacterial hand gel and this a good size for my purse!

This box is worth about $60 and I paid $30 for it. I’m really happy with this box and it definitely fits the cute theme!

Author: had4567

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