Love with Food June Unboxing

Love with Food is a subscription box that I’ve had for ages. It contains a variety of fun snacks that are organic, natural and gluten free. There are several difffent plans available. I get the tasting box which is $7.99 a month and gives me at least 7 snacks a month.  They also give away a free meal for every box sold which is just fantastic if you ask me!

Let see what I got in my June box!

First Look

Angel Mint Original Mints. We always get a small candy in these boxes which I like. This month we got a chewy Mint candy which I will be happy to try. 

Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafel. Once I saw this in my box I pretty saw nothing else. I love Stroopwafels. They are seriously the best cookie ever. They are two thin waffle cookies with a filling of honey, chocolate etc.   I rarely allow myself to buy them as I will eat the entire bag at once. I got caramel ones in my box and they are already long gone. 

Vermont Smoke & Cure Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Stick. I’ve seen these before at Whole Foods and wondered how they tasted. I’m excited to find out. 

Flapjacked Smoothie Mix with Greek Yogurt. I’m really not a fan of protein smoothies like this so I may give this away. 

Beanitos Baked White Bean Mac n’ Cheese Crunch I have received a lot of Beanitos in boxes over the years and I just don’t care for the taste of them. I’ll give these away. 

Lance’s PB&J Toasty Crackers. I’m a little surprised to see such a mainstream brand in the box but these are a bit unique. I try to avoid gluten, unless it’s something really tasty like the stroopwafel, so I will probably give these away. 

Crown Nut Co Plain Roasted Almonds.   Yum I love roasted almonds. These are a perfect snack to take to work. 

RW Garcia MixtBag Tortilla Chips. I love tortilla chips with salsa or cheese dip for a snack so I’ll definitely eat these. 

Honestly the moment I saw stroopwafels this box was a winner for me. But it’s always a great mix of snacks in these boxes

Author: had4567

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