Pupbox 4 month Unboxing

Pupbox is a monthly subscription box that sends treats, toys, accessories and chess customized to your puppies age and size. They also provide great training tips. Each box includes 5-7 products.  
Cost: $39-$29 per month depending on length of plan you purchase
First Look – 4 month old small dog

Product List

Chilly Bone Small I got Annie a couple of these freeze toys since she has been teething. Unfortunately she does not like them frozen or wet!  She will still play with this as a toy though. 

Dakota Farms Pizzle Stick. Chew sticks are always great for puppies. 

N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings. These are definitely nice for my teething puppy. Man she is chewing on everything right now!

Gnawsome Squeak Ball Size Small. This is a cute little squeaker ball and Annie doesn’t have many balls so this is great. It also has little bumps to help massage her gums. 

Simply Fido Cow. Annie grabbed this fella right away and has been playing with it since. He’s sooo soft!

Vital Essential Beef Nibs.  Freeze dried treats are great!  Annie is on a pretty restricted diet right now since we have been fighting giardia parasite since she I brought her home. We are hoping this next treatment does the trick!

Bandana –  yeah we were not a fan of wearing this around our neck :). This is the best pic I could get. 

This is a great box for my 4 month old Annie!  So glad to get this box to help entertain her while she grows. 

Annie says hey where did the stuff go?!?!

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