RockBox Review

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Rocksbox is a box I have been getting for several months now so I thought I should post a review!

Rocksbox is a subscription based jewelry rental company. You pay a monthly fee and they will send you three jewelry pieces (necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets).   The cost is $21 per month and you can get a new set as often as you want!  You do fill out a questionnaire about you tastes and you can select up to 30 items for your wishlist!  The $21 is used as a credit if you purchase any of the items. If you buy all items you get an additional $10 off. Let’s see my most recent set!

First Look

Everything comes in a reusable mailer inside is a nice sturdy box. You also receive a return label. When I get my set I take out the items and stick the box back in the mailer and put in my office. That way when I’m ready to ship back it’s ready to go!

Every piece comes in its own pouch.  

Product Card inside is a note from your stylist and a breakdown of the cost of each item. The costs are reasonable for the quality received.  All items I’ve received have been in excellent shape. 

I typically just wear necklaces or occasionally bracelets.  But you can also get rings and earrings. 

Kendra Scott Bridgette Necklace in Gold & Navy Crackle Illusion. This item was from my wishlist. I love Kendra Scott pieces and I almost always get one in my boxes.   It’s hard to see how pretty this stone is in pics but the crackle effect is really fantastic. Gold an navy is an unusual combination for stones but it really works. There is also an extender on this so you can make it the size you like.   I’ve worn this several times already. 

SLATE Twisted Chain Chocker. I’ve had this on my wishlist for quite a while. It’s a piece I wouldn’t purchase as I probably wouldn’t wear it enough so it’s perfect to get in this box!  

Rudiment Little Star Necklace I originally received a different necklace in my box. Recently Rocksbox started a swap out option which I think is really smart.  You get an email when your box has been curated and you can swap out any items you want. I liked the original necklace but I really wanted this dainty little one.   It’s super pretty and I’ve worn it a couple of times already.  

If you are like me and like to switch out your jewelry frequently this is would be a great box for you.  I love the variety and quality of pieces in Rocksbox.  I’m thinking of clearing my wishlist and letting them curate my next box so I can try something new!  

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2 thoughts on “RockBox Review”

  1. I used to have a RocksBox subscription and loved the variety! I def need to add it to my wishlist – I love switching up my jewelry!


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