Pupbox 5 Month Old Puppy Box Unboxing

Pupbox is a monthly subscription box that sends treats, toys, accessories and other items customized to your puppies age and size. They also provide great training tips. Each box includes 5-7 products.  
Cost: $39-$29 per month depending on length of plan you purchase

First Look – 5 month old small dog

Information Cards

Zippy Paws Pineapple NomNomz. Annie grabbed this toy right out of the box. Of course it was the biggest. Lol. She plays with it all the time. It’s a great size and sturdy enough it should last a long time. 

Flavorit Bone Berry Small. Annie does love chewing on bones and this one smells like berry.  She seemed really excited by the smell and has chewed on it quite a bit since we got it. 

My Little Wolf Duck. I like that these are small sized which is perfect for my little 6lb pup!

Grizzly Pollock Oil I know this is good for pups but man it’s stinky. Annie still has issues with soft poo so I haven’t tried this yet. 

Red Barn Dog Hoof  this was a bit too big for Annie. We gave it away to a bigger dog friend!

Nuts doe Knots Rope Toy.  With a teething puppy in the house I can never have too many rope toys!

Another great box for my growing pup!  Annie approves!

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