Popsugar Must Have August Unboxing 

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Popsugar Must Have is a monthly box that I classify as a lifestyle box. It has a mix of items from beauty, home, fashion, and more. Generally items are on trend and newer releases. I never keep everything in it but it always makes for nice presents or sells.  This month is the 5 yr birthday of Popsugar!

Cost: $39.95 per month plus tax

First Look

Product Card

Fringe Studio Lacquered Tray. Value $28. I love this tray!  It’s got great color and it’s a nice size. I put it out for decoration with my sake set that I got from my Grandma.  I think it looks really nice. 

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask. Value $38. I have tried this brands moisturizers before but never a mask. I have tried this out once and it surprised me that it made my face tingle. It didn’t last long and when I washed off the mask my face felt soft and plump!  

DOGEARED Friendship Bracelet. Value $34. DOGEARED is a great brand and I love the small delicate heart on this.  The only reason I won’t keep this is I don’t think I will wear it enough as I don’t wear bracelets much. 

Meri Meri Gold Glitter Candles.  Value $7.50. These are cute and great for a birthday box!  I don’t foresee having a use for them though so I will probably sell or give away 

Fringe Studio Free Spirit Journal. Value $16. This journal is a nice quality and I love the color. I’m not a journal writer though and if I did it would likely be something electronic. It is a nice addition though. 


Goodie Girl Cookies. Value $2.95. I love this brand. Since I started limiting gluten in my diet, I’m always glad to see gluten free items in boxes. These cookies were really tasty. 

Shoptiques Gift Card. Value $25. This is a special extra that I usually don’t include in the value of boxes but this is a really good one. I used this to buy a cardigan which I found on sale for $22. At first I thought we could not use this on shipping but when I went through to checkout it let me. Shipping was a bit pricey but I can’t complain about a $5 sweater!  There are a lot of items you can get around the amount of this gift card or lower!

This box has a value of $151.45. I was much happier with this box this time and think it was a great birthday box for Popsugar!  Let’s hope they are around for many more. 

Author: had4567


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