Love with Food August Tasting Box Unboxing 

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Love with Food is a monthly snack subscription box. It contains a variety of fun snacks that are organic, natural and/or gluten free. There are several difffent plans available. I get the tasting box which is $7.99 a month and gives me at least 7 snacks a month. They also give away a free meal for every box sold which is just fantastic if you ask me!

One thing I wanted to mention is that Love with Food does have a gluten free box for those with sensitivities. I do have a sensitivity and mostly exclude gluten from my diet but I chose to get the Tasting box anyhow. I find most snacks are gluten free and the ones that aren’t I give away.

Let’s see what I got. 

First Look

Pure Growth Organic White Cheddar Popcorn. I’ve never met a popcorn I didn’t like!  White cheddar too yum!

Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals and Candy. I’m really not much of a fan of ginger though I do occasionally eat a ginger candy if I have an upset stomach. I like to keep a few on hand so this is great. Not so sure about the honey crystals but I may try them in some tea.  

dang Coconut Chips. I’ve received these quite a bit in boxes and they are Ok. I don’t hate them but not my favorite snack. 

Treetop Applesauce. I love applesauce. I’m not a fan of pouches like this for food so I may just squeeze it in a bowl!

Barney Butter Almond Butter.  I like Almond Butter but I don’t eat it as much since I quit eating gluten. I have yet to find a really good gluten free bread. This will be a nice snack on its own as it’s in a nice small squeeze pouch. 

Belgian Boys Mini Dutch Stroopwafel. Oooo my favorite stroopwafels. This one is so small it’s really just a tease. Lol

Glee Gum. This is my favorite aspartame free gum!  I’ve tried several of the types but never bubblegum flavor so I’ll definitely try this. 

Westminster Bakers Co Whole Wheat Hearty Crackers. This is the only item I can’t eat this month since it has gluten so that’s not bad!  I’ll give this away. 

Love with Food Lip Balm. Ooh we got one of these years ago in a box and I’ll definitely use it. I can never have enough Lip Balm. 

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